Church History

"The foundation of Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Temple, Inc. is built upon prayer and the Word."

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. (Matthew 7:25)


Bishop Ronald E. BrownIn 1969, Ronald E. Brown, then an evangelist,  held several revival crusades in the small southern town of Orangeburg, South Carolina.  During those crusades, souls were saved, healed and delivered by the power of God.  In  June of that year, while at home in New York City, God spoke to his heart to establish a Deliverance Center in Orangeburg.  Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Temple (formerly called the Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Evangelistic Center) was born in the heart of Evangelist Brown. 

He established a Deliverance Center where people could come, find Christ and know Him as their Savior and Lord. North Road ChurchOn September 21, 1969,  Pastor Brown opened Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Evangelistic Center on North Road. Twenty-five souls joined the church on that very day!  God began sending in the young and old to be saved, healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit.  The church soon became too small.

On February 15, 1970, the congregation moved to 276 Maxcy Street.  Maxcy Street ChurchThe Lord continually sent souls from the North, South, East and West. Pastor Brown began crusading in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  Many found Christ and were born again.  Consequently, the Lighthouse Tabernacle Deliverance Evangelistic Center was founded on November 28, 1971 in Savannah. On the afternoon of May 25, 1975, a cavalcade of ministers, saints, friends and well-wishers proceeded from the Maxcy Street Church Lighthouse Tabernacle Deliverance Evangelistic Center to the present Amelia Street location in the heart of the City. Since 1975, the Amelia Street location has been the scene of some of the greatest revivals, concerts, and life-changing services in the area.

The Faith Tabernacle Ministry gaApostle Arturo Skinnerve many “giants in ministry” their first appearance in the area. Namely: Apostle Arturo Skinner, Bishop F. D. Washington, Bishop Noel Jones, Dorinda and Twinkie Clark of the Clark Sisters, the Anointed Pace Sisters, Vickie Winans, Pastor Shirley Caesar, and many more.

The United Christian College of Goldsboro, NC conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree upon Pastor Brown on September 21, 1980 and bestowed the Doctor of Humane Letters to him on September 20, 1981. He was licensed and appointed Bishop of the United Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance to head the Faith Tabernacle jurisdiction under the auspices of Bishop S. D. Johnson in 1987. Overseer Bishop Robert Evans, founder of the Bishop Ronald Brown GraduationEnd-Time Christian Fellowship Association in 1994, later ordained and gave Bishop Brown a formal Bishopric ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Down through the years, Dr. Brown's tape and radio ministries escalated.  Requests for ministry tapes flooded in as a result of his dynamic radio ministry. Messages like "When Doves Cry," "Life is not a Problem to be Solved, But a Mystery to be Lived,"  “There is a Devil for every level,” "God, Invade My Yesterday," "Behold Aaron's Rod," "The Disturbing Christ."

The Lord led Dr. Ronald E. Brown  to the Florida area where he founded the Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Temple #2 in Miami.   He appointed another preacher to follow the vision because of his commitment to the home church.  There are yet saints in that ministry that were birthed out of the ministry of Bishop Brown.

Today, Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Temple continues its fundamental commitment to deliverance, prayer and the word of God.  This unwavering dedication has transformed individuals, served the community, and enriched the nation.


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